May 2021

Contest open for new entries

Fill out the subscription form and upload a 3 minute video explaining the business case

The application for the ‘Drone Hero Europe 2021’ Contest consists of submitting a short video of maximum 3 minutes providing insight in the proclaimed innovation, solution, etc. This video should provide a good insight in the innovation potential, proposed solution and/or market need. Also, this video should be forwarded in English in a commonly used format (MP4, …) at the latest by November 2021.

November 2021 

Deadline for contest submissions








The contest will close for all applications in November 2021!

Any applications after this deadline will be removed from the contest. The organization can decide to postpone the deadline. In this case communication will be timely provided through the contest website.

November 2021

Announcement of the finalists

The jury nominates 6 finalists based on the contributed videos

The jury will nominate 2 finalists in each category, making a total of 6 finalists. The selection will be based on the provided description of the business case and the contributed video. Every member of the jury votes his/her top 3 in every category. The 2 participants with the most points in every category will be nominated as a finalist.

December 2021

Pitch presentations of the finalists

The 6 finalists pitch their business case in front of the jury at Amsterdam Drone Week 2021

During Amsterdam Drone Week 2021, all finalists will have to give a public pitch presentation of maximum 10 minutes in front of all members of the jury in the auditorium of the RAI Convention Center. This gives all finalists a great opportunity to pitch their business case in front of a large and relevant audience.

December 2021

Award ceremony

After the jury has voted and decided, the winners will be announced and honnored during the closing event of the Amsterdam Drone Week 2021 in front of a large press audience.

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